The City University of New York

Department of Political Science
PhD Candidate (PhD September 2020)
MPhil (2018)

The New School for Social Research

Interdisciplinary MA (2014)

University of Florida
Department of Psychology, BS (2006)

"Toxic Violence in the Middle East" Podcast Interview
ResearchPod (2020)



Logan, Drake & About Face: Veterans Against the War (2020).

"The Militarization of US Government Response to COVID-19 and What We Can Do About It."

Logan, Drake (2018). "Toxic Violence: The Politics of Militarized Toxicity in Iraq and Afghanistan." Cultural Dynamics 30(4): 253-283.

Logan, Drake & Adele Failes-Carpenter (2014). "Operation Recovery: Fort Hood Soldiers and Veterans Testify on the Right to Heal." Iraq Veterans Against the War.

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